Father’s Day Gifts Under $50 That Dad Actually Wants

mag415 June 11, 2016 0
Father’s Day Gifts Under $50 That Dad Actually Wants

We’re not going to lie, giving dad the newest TV or the hottest gadget is nice, but it’s not necessary. Share a beer with him and give him something small and his day will be just as special. But affordable doesn’t mean junky. Here are some of our favorite gifts under $50 you can give your old man this Father’s Day.

Jerky Crafting Kit


Give a man jerky and he’ll snack for day; teach a man to make jerky and he’ll snack for a lifetime. With the Jerky Crafting Kit, dad doesn’t need to sign up for Pinterest to figure out how to make killer jerky. He just hits up the butcher shop for his meath of choice and the kit will help him handle the rest. $30

Dead Distillers


Reading about the history of American spirits is almost as fun as consuming them. Maybe allow dad the chance to pair them together by giving him a copy of one of our favorite recent reads: Dead Distillers: A History of the Upstarts and Outlaws Who Made American Spirits. From prohibition-era bootleggers to modern day craft distilleries, pops will get a lesson in boozy patriotism. $15

Dollar Shave Club


There’s a very good chance dad is blowing way too much money on razors and blades. It’s time to introduce him to the future of shaving: Dollar Shave Club. Give him the gift of fresh blades every month. When it’s time for him to start picking up the tab, he’ll be shocked at how affordable razor blades can be. Toss in some shave butter and shower products and revamp his entire morning routine. $1+

Trees Knees Spicy Maple


If dad’s a breakfast guy—and, frankly, who isn’t a breakfast guy?—help him elevate his morning feast with Trees Knees Spicy Maple. The combination of sweet maple syrup from the Catskill mountains and spicy peppers makes for a breakfast condiment loaded with flavor. His pancakes and bacon platters will never be the same. $14

Craftsman Flex Claw Hammer


Toolbox space is always at a premium. If dad’s collection of tools looks like a kitchen junk drawer, give him the Flex Claw Hammer, which combines the power of a hammer with that of an adjustable pry bar. Not only does it take the place of two tools, but it boasts a magnetic nail starter to keep dad from cursing when he drops a nail while on a ladder. $20

Paint With Gunpowder Prints


There’s something about these prints that just makes them feel like they belong in a lodge. So whether dad has an all-out mancave or not, they’ll add a dose of stylish machismo to the space he puts one in. Each print is based off a work by Danny Shervin, an artist who works with gunpowder. Yes, gunpowder. $40+

Fathers Quarterly


Fathers Quarterly is one of the most unique publications we’ve ever come across—it’s also one of the best. The book/magazine focuses on fatherhood, culture, and travel, and meshes all those topics into one publication filled with original essays, interviews, and reports. It will remind him of the greatest thing he’s ever done: become a dad. $17

Hot Sauce Kit


For the father who fears no pepper, give him the gift of a scorched palate. This Hot Sauce Kit lets dad craft two of his very own spicy sauces. Maybe it will even inspire him to continue doing so and to leave the sriracha on the shelf. Just watch your eggs in the morning. $45

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