Kids Cast Their Vote by Writing Letters to America’s Future President

mag415 November 8, 2016 0
Kids Cast Their Vote by Writing Letters to America’s Future President

Though they may not be allowed to vote today on Election Day, young kids are still interested in the election and have thoughts to share with the person who will become the next US president. Issues such as education, immigration, health care (the list goes on) still impact kids, so Good Morning America asked young ones all over the country to write a letter to the next president, telling them their hopes for the country.

The kids of the United States shared their hopes and desires, and a lot of them were focused on making sure the U.S. is a loving place.

“I want you to love everyone in our country,” Maxwell, age 6 says. 12-year-old Luca also hopes the next president will focus on love, saying, “Make us love again and not hate.” “I would like America to have lots of love,” Olivia, who is just four, says to the next president.

Other kids were very specific about policies that they want to see implemented and taken seriously by whoever takes office next year.

“I would like for you to improve our environment, stop what’s in other countries, and have more bully-free schools,” 10-year-old Aaliyah says to the new president. “Please stop violence, and please help our country be beautiful,” 8-year-old Gia asks. 10-year-old Scout didn’t mince any words, saying she wants “men and women to have equal pay, and I would like to see real action on gun control.” “Everyone who needs health care should be able to get it,” says 9-year-old Sonali.

12-year-old Kevin sounds like he’s ready to run for president himself, saying he wants “more programs for the homeless, affordable medication, racial equality, and less pollution.”

These kids will have to wait at least two more elections before they can cast a vote, but it’s clear they’re already paying close attention to the issues that impact everyone, no matter how old they are.

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