AMC Will Air CNN’s Election Night Coverage In Theaters

mag415 October 25, 2016 0
AMC Will Air CNN’s Election Night Coverage In Theaters

This campaign long ago devolved into some kind of dystopian reality show, but now it’s apparently full-blown entertainment, as AMC Theaters announced Monday that its partnering with CNN to air election night coverage across the country. Perfect for anyone who either wants to celebrate their victory or mourn their loss while also paying $12 for a soda.

This may be the worst AMC idea since the time they considered allowing texting during movies, but it’s essentially a push to fill seats (and sell concessions) on an otherwise very slow movie night. So far, entrance into the theaters for election night is only available to AMC Stubs members, who are each allowed to bring up to two guests with them. They’ll be able to choose from 50 theaters in 25 markets.

Every theater will be designated as red (for republicans) or blue (for democrats), based on voter registration data for the area. But you’re technically allowed to attend the screening at any theater, no matter what your political leanings are. So it’s up to you whether you spend the night in an exceedingly hostile or more friendly environment — but either way, Wolf Blitzer is going to be yelling at you from a very big screen.

If you’d rather not subject yourself to hours of CNN in a crowded theater, you can always lie in a dark room and ask your Amazon Echo for periodic updates on the coming apocalypse.

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